Points Prediction Competition Rules


  1. Choose a number of points that there will be combined across all six Super League matches. Once the Super 8’s begin, it will be the four Super League matches plus the first two Middle 8s alphabetically.
  2. Answers must be submitted via facebook, twitter, instagram or email (ppc.getemonsideblog@gmail.com) prior to the first kick off of eligible matches – anything after will be ignored. Look out for the posts on Get ’em Onside’s social media accounts – they won’t be posted on other rugby league groups.
  3. Scoring
    1. Closest answer = 10 points
    2. Second closest answer = 5 points
    3. Third closest answer = 3 points
      HOWEVER, if you get the actual number of points exactly then you will be awarded 20 points for that gameweek.
  4. If you are to win by responding on twitter or instagram, you MUST also follow Bees Cheesecakes on twitter or instagram.
  5. At the end of the day, this is a bit of fun and I hope you will enjoy participating. If there are any circumstances which haven’t been covered by this but that come up then Get ’em Onside will adjudicate – I know you want a large cheesecake but let’s keep it fun shall we?!