Haas set for record deal

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A highly rated forward in the NRL, Payne Haas is an 18-year-old with a huge future in the game.

While not a household name in the UK, Brisbane Broncos young prodigy is viewed as an future Kangaroo and is thought to have the potential to become one of the most damaging forwards in the entire sport – and his team have seen fit to offer a lucrative deal to the youngster with just three NRL appearances to his name.

Having only made his league debut in April, the Broncos have offered the teenager a A$3 million deal which will keep him with the Queensland club until 2024. It would be the richest contract for a teenager in the history of the sport and it will ensure that Haas spends his formative years with one of the sport’s most recognisable clubs.

Before the new deal, Haas would have been able to speak to other clubs from the beginning of November regarding his future and the majority of NRL teams were believed to be interested in securing his services. Now, while the contract hasn’t yet been signed, the terms have been agreed by both parties and should be sealed in the near future and it will see him taken off the market, something Brisbane head coach Wayne Bennett is pleased about.

“It gives Payne the security for six years to know that every year he won’t have some other club trying to knock him off the perch,” Bennett told NRL.com. “We know the potential is there so it is not a risk factor for us.”

“It is important that we keep these boys because they are our future. Without young players coming through it minimises your future, particularly if you want to be a top team.”

While Haas isn’t a global name as of yet, the belief is there from people in the know that he will become a future star of the sport and the Broncos will be no doubt delighted to have secured his services.

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