Tomkins brothers punished

Wigan Warriors have moved fast to hand hefty sanctions down to two of their players after a video emerged of Sam and Joel Tomkins abusing staff recently in a bar.

The Catalans-bound full back has been handed a £5,000 fine while his brother has been hit by a club-imposed four week ban as well as being fined £10,000. The former New Zealand Warrior star seemed to realise the scope of how wrong the incident was and appeared to suggest to his brother that they leave the bar but Joel, unacceptably, went behind the bar and continued to verbally abuse the bar staff in a foul-mouthed outburst.

Warriors executive director and former player Kris Radlinski responded to seeing the footage. “I was pretty disgusted at the video that I saw on Saturday evening. Our players know and fully understand the role that they have to play within the community and to see two of our high profile, senior players behave in such a way, disappointed me greatly,” he explained, continuing that “they aren’t just role models for the young kids in the town, they’re role models for the younger players in the squad. It is impossible to put a strong culture in place if players you trust to drive those standards act in such a way.”

While the video went viral shortly after Wigan’s 23-0 defeat at Warrington in the Challenge Cup Quarter Finals but it is believed that the incident occured around five weeks ago. Radlinski further confirmed that both of the Tomkins expressed regret and shame regarding their actions. He expressed that, while players are allowed downtime to relax, their behaviour should still be responsible.

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