Toronto to have no separate arrangement in The Qualifiers

Embed from Getty Images

Friday saw the RFL confirm the schedule that Toronto Wolfpack will have to follow once the top two tiers split into three in coming months – and it promises to look very different from their schedules past.

As will most probably be the case if they were to reach Super League, the Canadians will have to play home and away on alternate weekends as opposed to the block system they have enjoyed since their introduction into the RFL’s system. An organisation spokesman stated that “Should Toronto reach the Qualifiers, they won’t be playing in blocks of 3 home 4 away etc as they have done throughout the regular season – they would be scheduled as normal.” That would promise to give Toronto as big-a-test as any single opponent has as it will involve transatlantic flights twice a week which may affect their physical condition.

That, however, will be something they have to deal with and – most probably – knew would happen as they started to compete with Super League. In terms of their Betfred Championship season so far, Toronto have played all of their away games already and started their home matches with, bizarrely, their victory over Halifax in London recently. Before they return to Canada to complete their regular season fixtures they have to face Warrington (Challenge Cup) on Sunday before heading to St James’ Park to open Magic Weekend against Toulouse.

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