NRL to launch Super League-esque weekend

Embed from Getty Images

It is widely acknowledged that the NRL is the pinnacle of club rugby league but, despite what those Down Under may believe, the Super League does some things right and they have just latched onto one of the most successful enterprises in the Super League era.

That is because, in 2019, the NRL will stage it’s very own Magic Weekend like that the sport in this country has. Over the course of four days, there will be eight league matches held at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium with some speculating that over 150,000 fans could flock to the ground over the course of the weekend.

Part of the reason behind the NRL launching their own Magic Weekend is down to the fact that Sydney has been granted a contract for the Grand Final until 2042. Because of that, the Queensland Government looked into replicating one of Super League’s flagship annual events and they believe that it could bring up to $20 million into the local economy.

Suncorp Stadium is home to the Brisbane Broncos who boast the biggest fan base in the NRL and the fact that they are set to host the inaugural Magic Weekend – one they will no doubt wish to maintain going forward – is viewed as a coup over the other rugby league territories in the country.

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