Hardaker move edges closer…

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Following his sacking by Castleford recently, it seemed that Zak Hardaker was set for a long period both on the sidelines and without a club.

However, as League Weekly have reported today, the 2017 Man of Steel nominee is set to sign for Wigan Warriors. Initially, while serving the likely ban when the UKAD reveals it’s decision following his failed drugs test last September, he is supposedly in line to be given a job around the club’s DW Stadium – on a weekly wage or around £1000. However, the report suggests that his contract will treble once he becomes eligible to play again.

If the move does come off, Shaun Wane and the rest of the Wigan staff would be wise to ensure the negative influences which have blighted Hardaker’s career thus far – perhaps a move to Lancashire from West Yorkshire would prove to be a fresh start for the Pontefract born back.

As this blog discussed last week, however, could this potential move be a bad message to send to young players making their way in the game? That is arguable and will surely be a point of interest over the coming months.


    • He ant a idiot there are lots of players passed and present who use cocane he was unlucky to be caught and yes he deserves to be punished but give the gay a chance hes a good playrt


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