Smith gets away with violent conduct?

Screenshot_20180220-161651Last Friday, Leeds suffered at the hands of a sensational Melbourne Storm team but, unfortunately, one of the Rhinos suffered a tad more than a mere hand.

During the match, following a toppling tackle from opposite number and fellow Australian Matt Parcell, Cameron Smith – one of the games all time greats – delivered a sly and vicious elbow to the back of the Rhinos’ hooker’s head which was seemingly missed by the two on pitch officials. Instead, following the match review committee’s review of the incident, the Australian powers that be have issued the national team captain with a warning notice for his actions.

Basically, that means Smith has been told off with no further punishment which is quite fortunate for him as, had he been banned, he may well have missed his very own testimonial match this weekend. However, the decision has caused controversy Down Under where fans believe Smith to be overly protected by match officials and the authorities and the player also has something of a reputation for trying to influence referees.

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